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Christian Victory

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Unconditional Surrender




God's Program for Victory

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Dominion Theology

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What does the Bible really say about God? About creation? About sin and judgment? About home and family? About politics and government? About wealth and poverty? About the last days? About the mission of the Church?
Sadly, most Christians today cannot give anything better than fuzzy, imprecise answers to such questions. Neither can most pastors or theologians.
Unconditional Surrender is designed to remedy that grave dilemma. It is a basic primer of the faith. In it, Dr. Gary North tells us what the Bible really says.
After reading this simple, yet profound, lively, yet, meaty book, perhaps the only questions left unanswered in your mind will be, "Am I willing to surrender to the claims of Christ and the commands of Christ? Will I follow Him unconditionally?"

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This the best introduction to the theology of the Christian Reconstruction movement. Written for a popular audience, it begins with the biblical doctrines of God, man, and law, then works out the implications of these principles as they apply to family, church, state and economy. The concluding section deals with eschatology, focusing on the biblical teaching concerning the Kingdom of God, and outlining the Christian strategy for dominion. This book can be used as a study guide in the basics of Christianity, as well as in the application of Christianity to every area of life.

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