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Christian Victory, creationism

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Is The World Running Down?




Crisis in the Christian Worldview

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Christian Worldview

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Have Christians Adopted Humanism In Disguise?
What would you say if someone were to tell you that fundamentalist author Dave Hunt has adopted the humanists' view of the world's future? What would you say if someone told you that the most conservative Christians of all, scientists who are members of the Creation Science movement, have adopted as their number-one defense of creationism a humanist doctrine that mankind has no legitimate hope in the world's future? What would you say if he told you that because of this compromise, America's best-selling New Age writer has shown that if you accept modern fundamentalism, you also have to accept the conclusion that capitalism is doomed?
Well, someone is now telling you this: Dr. Gary North. Is the World Running Down? shows that all of this is true, and much, much more. It answers these questions:

Why have modern Christians ignored the cosmic effects of Christ's resurrection?

Why isn't the curse of the ground a constant?

Why can there be no common scientific ground between creationists and Darwinian scientists?

What is the number-one goal of God-hating man?

How has this goal influenced all modern science?

Why is the second law of thermodynamics a snare to Creation Science?

Why is the second law of thermodynamics not a curse from God?

How have Creation Scientist mistakenly adopted a humanist worldview for their work?

Why is Creation Science still losing the battle against the Darwinists?

Why did Creation Scientists develop a curriculum based on "creation without God"?

How has Creation Science played into the hands of the New Age movement?

Who is Jeremy Rifkin?

Why is Dave Hunt promoting Rifkin's worldview?

Is the World Running Down? promises to cause a sensation. Nothing like it has ever been published. It will lead to a rethinking of modern fundamentalism-a rethinking that is necessary in order to warn Christians against the New Age movement.

Inside Flap

Gary North is a creationist-a six-day (literal 24-hour day) creationist. This book is a creationist book. It is self-consciously anti-Darwin. It is not anti-science.
The problem with modern humanistic science, North's book argues, is that it presents a world-and-life view of inevitable despair. By tying man's origin to the evolution of an impersonal, uncreated universe, Charles Darwin tied man's destiny to the temporal fate of the impersonal universe. The problem is, modern physical science teaches that the galaxies will inevitably either die in the heat death of the universe or else crash back together to form a new "cosmic egg" that will explode into a new universe. In either case, all trace of man will disppear. The works of man's hands disappear forever. Life is swallowed up in death.
This is the teaching of scientist regarding the second law of thermodynamics. Entropy - the inevitable dissolution of useful
energy - goes on relentlessly. This process destroys cosmic meaning and purpose. If man was born by cosmic meaninglessness, and dies by cosmic meaninglessness, then any temporary meaning that man creates is an illusion.
What modern man needs is a message of hope. Hope must be cosmic if it is to be personal hope. This is why modern humanistic science offers no hop to man, and neither does modern philosophy. Christianity offers hope because it rejects Darwinism and modern humanistic science.
In order to offer true hope, Christians must break with any view of the universe that say that the second law of thermodynamics is a constant. The resurrection of Jesus Christ testifies that death is not inescapable. It testifies that entropy is not inevitable. It testifies that man can be transformed, and that transformed man can then transform his world. Through covenantal faithfulness, the world can begin to escape the cursed aspects of entropy (Deut. 28:1-14).
Because of its heavy reliance on the humanist version of entropy, the modern Creation Science movement has been deeply compromised. It has misinterpreted the second law of thermodynamics, and it has led Christians into the same kind of historical despair that has afflicted humanists.
Into this sea of despair sailed Jeremy Rifkin, a New Age apostle of a socialist world. He spotted his targets, the evangelical Christians. He wrote two popular books that were self-consciously based on a view of entropy almost identical to Creation Science's view. They offered evidence that such a view of the world is incompatible with capitalism. Most of all, Rifkin showed that the Western view of man's future is without hope.
Is the World Running Down? is a manifesto of hope. It shows that creationists need not and must not cling to the humanist's view of entropy. It shows how recent social theory has been compromised by the entropy doctrine. North offers a way out: the doctrine of Christ's resurrection. He shows that Rifkin's books should not be taken seriously except as socialist tracts. But without a worldview that rejects humanism's entropy doctrine, it is impossible to escape the despair on which Rifkin has relied to make his case against capitalism.

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Contrary to the modern secular myth of entropy - the idea that the world is irretrievably running down - North maintains that the overcoming of the entropy has its part to play in God's plan for the ages. Think of Moses and the burning bush; the manna that fed the Israelites for almost 40 years; the daily refilling of the oil pot of the widow who fed Elijah for over three years; Christ's feeding of thousands with a few fish and bread. Most notably, however, the overcoming of entropy applies to every account of resurrection from the dead, especially the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Because modern Scientific Creationism has rested its case on the idea of entropy, it has undermined Christian social theory which rests on the doctrine of Christ's ascension in history, not entropy.