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The Reece Committee Hearings Exposed America's Major Tax-Exempt Foundations as Moving Toward a One-World State

In 1953, Carroll Reece, Congressman from Eastern Tennessee, had his committee begin an investigation into the American Establishment: the Tax-Exempt Foundations. (These are sometimes erroneously cited as the Reese Committee Hearings.) The hearings were held for two weeks. Then, without warning, the committee stopped them.

This was the only period until 2005 when the Republican Party controlled both houses of Congress and the Presidency. Yet a Democrat on the committee, Wayne Hays -- whose career ended in a sexual scandal in 1976, while I was a Capitol Hill staffer -- was able to persuade other committee members to pull the plug.

The Committee's findings were summarized by the committee's counsel, Rene Wormser. His book, Foundations (1958), has become a vital document in understanding the leftward drift of America's elite. Fortunately, it is still in print.

On the importance of the Reece Committee's findings, see this analysis.


The committee's senior researcher, Norman Dodd, went public about his findings almost immediately after the committee shut down the hearings. I knew him in the mid-1960s. He was still trying to get the message out. His interviews are posted all over the Web. Here is an example: a 1980 interview. G. Edward Griffin did an interview in 1982. It is posted here:


The official title of the report is Hearings Before the Special Committee to Investigate Tax-Exempt Foundations and Comparable Organizations, House of Representatives, Eighty-Third Congress, Second Session on H. Res. 217, Part 1, Pages 1-943. (Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1954)

The committee's actual hearings are extremely difficult to find. Only a handful of researchers have ever seen copies, let alone read them.

I have no illusions that I will sell many copies. But for serious researchers into the secret take-over of the United States, beginning in 1913, this document will open a closed book in American history.

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