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Why You Should Join This Members-Only Community Forum

Gary North
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Gary North's Specific Answers is a private, members-only resource for people who are convinced that sitting quietly and just hoping for the best in the face of a looming economic disaster is stupid. They conclude: "If I don't take specific actions, I will wind up trapped in the financial equivalent of the Superdome immediately after Katrina hit."

This site is not for people who think that the U.S. government or the Federal Reserve System can save the American economy from a fiscal disaster. Anyone who believes otherwise will be depressed by this site.

Whether you're ready to join or not, you should subscribe to my free Tip of the Week. It will save you money. You don't have to be a site member to receive it. I mail it each Saturday morning. It's short and to the point: five or six brief paragraphs. Trust me: you'll like it. Use Tip of the Week to "test drive" this site. To sign up, use the subscription box at the top of the right-hand column on this page.

Now, I am going to do what no publisher ever does. I am asking you not to subscribe if you do not intend to ask questions. This site hinges on the Q&A forums. People ask questions. Others answer.

I don't want to take your money under false pretenses. The #1 value of this site is the system of forums. If you have no intention of ever asking any questions, then you really should not subscribe. Make this resolve: "I will post a question within three days."

This site is not for amusement purposes. It is for taking action. Warning: if you do not receive a note from me, saying you have been canceled, then don't assume that you are no longer a member. But the system may goof up. You are never officially canceled until you receive notification.

This is a community site. The basis of the community is participation in the forums. I discourage "lurking."

If you have no questions in this economy, then you do not understand the magnitude of what you are facing. You will not fit in as a site member. There is no good reason for you to join. I am really serious about this. I know of no other membership site that follows this practice -- owners want the subscription money -- but I have adopted it. My goal is to help people who really want to be helped and also help others where they have expertise. To get help here, you are expected to offer help when you are in a position to do this.

To access this wealth of information, you must be willing to participate. It is not just a matter of spending money on a subscription. This really is a community. I invite you to join, but only if you plan to participate in the forums.

There is a list of forums of the right-hand side of the home page. Click one after you join. That will take you to the forum. Monitor it. To ask a question, click Post New Question. Easy!

If you have no questions, don't join. I really mean this.

Women complain that their husbands will not stop and ask directions when they are obviously lost. This site will not help men who think that "real men do not ask for directions." Think of this site as a GPS system for the economy.

The cost? Approximately the cost of one movie ticket, a large box of popcorn, and a large soft drink per month. Anyone who cannot afford this is not in a position to implement the advice he will get on the forums.

Suggestion: to maintain your privacy on the Q&A forums, don't use your last name in the following box: Choose LOGIN Name. This is under the second category, Subscription Options.

People who use their real names do not intend to ask any questions. I have seen this over and over.

At least a third of my subscribers do not do what I advise. They use their names when signing up. Then they refuse to ask any questions. "What? And let everyone know who I am?" I ask: Why join a site to get questions answered in privacy, and then give up your privacy?

Do not use your real name. But some people resent using a fake name. They insist on using their real names: first and last names. They are saying, loud and clear, "I do not intend to take your advice . . . on this or anything else. I am going to do it my way. Got it?" I get it. I just do not understand it.

To join (subscribe), use this click-through box:

Second: This is not a newsletter. This is an on-line membership site. You log on to read my daily articles and participate in the forums. The articles are published Monday-Saturday. I do not send out any newsletters from this site. My Tip of the Week is completely separate from membership.

Why should you join immediately? Here are three reasons. (I wrote this in late 2006. It still applies.)

First, you want to keep whatever wealth you already have.

Second, you want to buy once-in-a-lifetime bargains when the next recession hits . . . and it will hit!

A wise investor prepares for a recession both defensively and offensively, for the next recession with be a great buying opportunity: to get out of the dollar before the post-Greenspan FED undermines it by inflating it even faster than it already has. This site will help you weather the financial storm and then re-position yourself for the fall of the dollar.

Third, you also want to improve your lifestyle now. You understand that wealth is much more than money and stuff. It's how you live. This site is devoted to better living in the broadest sense.

Members can gain access to the site's current articles and archived articles. Most important, they can ask specific questions. This is what the question-and-answer forums are for.

The heart of this site is the opportunity to get specific answers. These are not final answers. They are preliminary suggestions and observations. They are starting points for discussion.

It is also a place where you can share your opinions. This is an on-line community of like-minded people. It is not a government-licensed organization.

If you do not visit this site several times a week to monitor the Q&A discussion forums, you will not maximize the value of the information on this site.

Furthermore, if you never ask any questions, you will not maximize the value of this site . . . for yourself or others.

This site is designed for serious decision-makers who really are searching for specific answers. If this is not you, then this site may disappoint you. But you can test drive it with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Members can also share their expertise. This site is open to all-comers. It is a community mutual-assistance site. There are some amazingly well-informed members who will provide you with answers based on their personal experience.

The Bible says, "In a multitude of counselors there is safety" (Proverbs 11:14b). Here, you can find a multitude of counselors: full-time and part-time, professionals and amateurs.

If you join the site, please participate in at least one forum. This increases the site's value to you and to other members. This site is a team effort. We want you on the team.

Understand that this site is published under the liberties established by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution: freedom of press and speech. No agency of Federal, state, or local government has licensed this site or the people who offer their opinions. "You pays your money, and you takes your chances."

If you want professional opinions from certified people, do not join this site.

There is only one subscription plan available: $14.95 per month, with automatic billing monthly until you cancel. If you think you can get all of your questions answered in one day or one month, it will cost you only $14.95. This is a deal!

On the other hand, maybe you want to be part of a like-minded community. If this site meets your needs, it is still a bargain. You can find out if it meets your needs for $14.95. This offer comes with a money-back guarantee.

Warning!!!! Is your credit card about to expire? Will you be on the road when it does, having just filled your gas tank, with $15 in your wallet? Bad news! So, tear up your dying card now. Put your new replacement card in your wallet. Then, to subscribe, use your replacement card or a back-up card or your business card -- one which won't expire for a year or so. Thanks.

Note: On-line billing requires you to provide the three-number Credit Card Security Code that is on the back of your credit card. This appears as an extension of the card number. Be sure to type only the last three numbers into the box, not all seven.

If you do not ask any questions on the forums, and if you do not monitor the forums to see if there are questions that you can answer, you will not maximize the benefits of this site. You will probably be disappointed. This is a community participation site.

Note: I suggest that you click this box on the log-in page when you first log in: Remember my ID on this computer. This locks in your subscription information. If you ever have to re-subscribe for some reason (such as a rejected credit card or debit card), you will not have to fill in the form again.


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