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If You Can Match a Master, Invade His Turf . . . Cheap!

Gary North - February 13, 2013
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This video of Sierra Hull is nicely done. She is a good singer, although not spectacular.

Her dobro player is borderline spectacular.

As I listened, I thought "Jerry Douglas." I have waited 30 years to hear anyone come close to his style. This guy makes it.

I don't know who he is. I doubt that many people do. That is his problem.

If I were his part-time manager, I would tell him to do this. First, move to Nashville (if he is not already there). Second, run this classified ad in Craigslist.

Studio Musician (Bluegrass): If you can't afford Jerry Douglas, I work for union scale.

He would provide a link to a page on his website, where there would be half a dozen embedded YouTube videos like this one.

This strategy conforms to the fundamental rule of direct-response advertising: Lead with the benefit. Follow with the proof. This strategy would get his foot in the door.

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