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This Is the Way to Buy Clean, Affordable Housing

Gary North
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March 6, 2006

The answer is a repossessed mobile home in a nice park.

I bought my first mobile home in 1966. I upgraded in 1967. I sold it in 1971 for what I paid for it. Rental costs? $50/month -- about $300 in today's money. For a grad student, it was a great way to live -- privacy, cheap, and no hassles with lawns.

I know: no social prestige. But when you are strarting out, you don't need social prestige. You need cheap, affordable housing.

The same is true after you retire.

If you live in a nice park, you live hassle-free. Your money can be invested elsewhere than bricks and mortar. Bricks and mortar require upkeep.

You can invest in conventional houses. Just don't live in one.

The best way to buy is through inside information. This is what my friend Linda Taylor did. Her story is terrific. She tells her buying strategy, step by step, here: How I Bought a Clean, Safe Home for $20 per Square Foot.


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