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Why Does Rev. Jim Wallis Take a $197,000 a Year Salary From Sojourners?

Gary North - March 14, 2013
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Rev. Jim Wallis, a "man of the people," earns $197,000 a year from a nonprofit foundation that positions itself as working for the poor.

Meanwhile, the "people" don't earn anything like this. The median average income in the United States is $50,000.

I always worked for free for the Institute for Christin Economics, 1976 to 2001, when I shut it down. I always wanted to deflect this criticism: "You are the religion business for the money." That strategy always worked for me.

Wallis does not see the obvious problem of positioning for his decision to take a salary that puts him in the top 5% (adjusted for inflation since 2003).


A man who is paid $197,000 is doing very well by "doing good." This of course assumes that making welfare dependents out of poor people is good for them. I don't think it is.

Of course, the following information on his salary may be wrong. I got it here:


I am certainly willing to let Mr. Wallis explain himself. All he has to do is send me evidence that the information is incorrect. I will post it.

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