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What a Free Video Web Site Can Do for a Kid's Confidence and Career, or Yours . . . An Incredible Guitar Performance in a Bedroom

Gary North
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You are about to see an Internet phenomenon. I first spotted it on March 17, 2006. When I discovered it, the video had almost one million "hits." Yet it had been on-line for only two months.

When I discovered it by mistake, there were 200 posted comments. There are now almost 25,000.

The Web works to spread information, as nothing else has in history. When something is spectacular, people find it and then forward it. It's word of mouse.

Update: July 22, 2006. 6 million hits.

Update: August 26, 2006. 7 million hits

Update: November 28, 2006. 11 million hits

Update: January 29, 2007. 13 million hits

Update: July 16, 2008. 46 million hits

Update: January 14, 2009. 54 million hits

Update: September 15, 2010: 78.9 million hits

This faceless, nameless teenager cannot spell, as the introduction shows. He writes Plyed when he means Played. No matter.

We now know who he is: a 23-year-old Korean, Jeong-Hyun Lim. The New York Times reported this in a long story (August 27).

So far, he has no recording contract.

He did very well for the two guys who started YouTube with no money in 2005. Google just paid $1.6 billion to buy YouTube

How You Can Do Video, Too

Think about your situation. With less than $500 in equipment, you can become a a video producer. Maybe for $200. If you are willing to forego a camcorder, you can do it by using a free screen-capture program. For details on how this technology can revolutionize your business, click here:


The www.youtube.com site is free.

Google's new video site is free. https://upload.video.google.com

But run a spell check before you release your masterpiece.

If this kid can do it, why can't you? If you want more information on how to get started, click here:


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I am not big on rock, but I am big on technique and creativity. This is one of the most musically creative things I have ever seen/heard.

Turn down your speakers. Watch his fingers. Ask yourself: "How does he do that?"

And now . . . the video!

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