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Head Strap Flashlight

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Is your emergency kit complete?

You need head strap flashlights in any kit that includes a flashlight. Every car should have one. I think every member of the family should.


I have used these for years I didn't realize there was Head Strap Flashlight "divide." Some people don't have them because they look goofy. Once you use them in a real world situation, you'll be a convert.

The primary factor is "hand free" lighting. You often don't realize how much holding a light gets in the way of accomplishing tasks and compromising your safety.

A tire change or any other car repair in the dark is far easier with both hands.

Walking down flights of stairs or using a ladder in the dark is safer with both hands.

When walking through the woods at night you are less likely to get injured with both hands available to balance yourself or break a fall.

There are version that clips to the brim of your cap if you wear a ball cap.

There are some good features to look for.

Multiple brightness settings. Red lights for preserving night vision or not attracting bugs. Flashing lights to make you more visible.

Some are powered with the over-sized watch batteries. The advantage is that they are compact. The disadvantage is that the replacement battery costs almost as much as the unit. Use the "AAA" version if you use them more often than emergencies.

If you can try some varieties out, take the opportunity. Some are poorly angled and cause glare.

There are two drawbacks. The normal LED draws in bugs, right to your face. You have to get used to not looking at who you are talking to.

Get hands free lighting for your emergency kits and cars.

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