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Gary North
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March 11, 2007

As I get older, I remember less. It's as if my brain were a filled-up hard disk drive. To add any more files, I must overwrite old ones. I don't get to choose which file will be overwritten.

The Web overcomes some of this. What would I do without Wiki?

When I read a book or an on-line article, I know I'll forget most of it within hours. A week from now, 95% or more will be gone.

There is a free piece of software that helps guys with my problem to overcome it. It's called EverNote. Version 1.5 is now available.

The thing is ingenious. It lets you type in information on a kind of digital scroll. The scroll is time-based. You can add key words to help you recall the topic.

If you use Naturally Speaking, the voice-recognition program, you can read in your notes. EverNote saves them.

You can add links to Web pages. Or you can download the page (Save As...) to your hard disk and then link this file to EverNote, just in case the Web page disappears some day.


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