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Larry Abraham, R.I.P.

Gary North
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July 9, 2008

Larry Abraham, the co-author of the classic book, None Dare Call It Conspiracy, died today.

I had known he was very sick. He had cancer. I took over his mailing list earlier this year. He was too sick to do the writing to fulfill his subscription obligations.

Larry was part of the old Birch Society team. In the early 1960s, he was a field coordinator in the Pacific Northwest. He spent most of his life in the conservative movement.

He and I worked together in reprinting None Dare Call It Conspiracy. The new title, published in 1985, was Call It Conspiracy. I wrote the preface and the epilogue. I later combined the two into one book, Conspiracy: A Biblical View (1986).

I was also a friend of his co-author, Gary Allen. Gary died in 1986. I spoke at his funeral.

Larry had a great deal of information on how insider groups take advantage of federal power and central banking in order to further their own economic and political agendas. He was well aware that the system which we call capitalism has been a system of state capitalism since the early 1900s. He did his best to expose the statist roots of modern American capitalism. He believed that we should follow the money when studying politics. Things are not what they seem.

On several occasions, I asked him whether he thought the work that he, Gary Allen, and I had done to expose some of the operations of the manipulated capitalist order we live in would survive into the next generation. This is the kind of question that older men ask each other.

I have no doubt that a great deal more will come to light over the next decade as a result of the World Wide Web, print-on-demand publishing, and similar digital technologies. The ability of the conspiratorial groups to conceal their activities from the general public is growing ever weaker. They had always relied heavily on the mainstream media, especially the book publishing industry, to keep this kind of information away from the general public. That strategy is failing.

Nevertheless, whenever a researcher dies, much of the material that had existed between his ears disappears. This has happened again and again. This is why I am grateful that I can publish a book online free of charge in 90 seconds. This information will find a small audience. A few people will download the book. Some of them will actually read the book. And a very small minority will actually put the information to productive use.

Solomon said "of the making of books there is no end." Reprinting books online is also a seemingly endless project. Yet it is conceivable that in my children's lifetime, almost everything that has ever been published will be available online, most of it free of charge, and most of it searchable by one or another search engine. This is going to change the way historians work. It is going to change the way people learn history. It is altogether a great thing. Larry understood this, and Gary Allen would have rejoiced in it. I am glad I lived long enough to see it.

When an old colleague dies, it reminds the survivor of his own mortality. At least for a time, it provides motivation for him to get back to work. My hope is that there will be younger scholars who find out about the perspective of None Dare Call It Conspiracy, and who pursue the study of how the financial and political system actually operates. I have great hope in the division of labor. The Internet is making that division of labor ever less expensive to facilitate in money terms. It takes a lot of time, but that was always true. Today, we get far more bang for our bucks.

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