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Inherit the Earth: The Biblical Blueprint for Economics

Gary North
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The covenants of God all have a five-point structure:

1. Transcendence/Immanence (sovereignty)
2. Hierarchy/Command (representation)
3. Ethics/Law (dominion)
4. Oath/Sanctions (judgment)
5. Succession/Inheritance (perseverance)

The acronym is THEOS.

If you want proof of this statement, read Ray Sutton's book, That You May Prosper. You can download a free copy here:

That You May Prosper

In economics, this covenant structure is as follows:

1. Ownership
2. Stewardship
3. Law
4. Profit and Loss
5. Economic Growth or Contraction

Applying these five principles, we get this:

1. God Owns the World
2. Man is a Steward
3. Theft Is Immoral
4. Edenic Scarcity Has Been Cursed
5. Covenant-Keepers Inherit in History

This book was published in 1987. It was published as part of the ten-volume Biblical Blueprint Series. The first four volumes were published by Thomas Nelson Sons. The entire series was published Dominion Press, 1986-1987. Download this volume here:

Inherit the Earth
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