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The Chess Board Strategy: Lifetime Prayers Assigned to New Converts

Gary North

We all know the story of the man who taught a king how to play chess. The king asked him: "What can I do to repay you for this wonderful game?"

"A small thing," said the teacher. "For each square, give me wheat. I want one grain for the first square. I want two for the next. I want four for the next. Double each square." The king agreed. Pretty soon, the king ran out of grain.

Then the king killed the teacher. They never tell that part of the story.

But what if the king in the story is the prince of this world? What if the teacher is an agent of the King of kings?

When a new convert makes a profession of faith and is baptized, he should be introduced to a program of systematic prayer for his close family members and friends. The new convert should be told that these are his lifetime assignments. He must commit to praying for them permanently on a daily basis. This gets one church member targeting specific people until they die. He commits to praying for them after their conversion, too.

This is at least a 5-minute per day commitment. It gets the person started in the sweet hour of prayer program.

He is then asked to tell these people about his conversion and invite them to church if they live locally. He is given a support pamphlet. Let Me Tell You About My New Life. The pamphlet has a shortened link to a YouTube video by the pastor, or to a church Web page with the video embedded on it.

He is asked to supply a list of these names, which are put into a computer.

Once a month or once a quarter, he is asked to submit a brief report on the outcomes of his prayers. This reminds him of his responsibilities. He needs monthly reminders. The best way of reporting would be through logging in onto a church website. We need freeware for this: a password-accessed site for congregations to set up.

This is how mass evangelism is possible in the time available: decentralization and compound growth. One conversion, two conversions, three conversions, four. It works the way Moore's Law works for microchips: they double in capacity every year.

Pretty soon, billions of souls are in God's kingdom.

Prayer is what God is waiting for, not money. Prayers cost only time. Everyone has the same amount of time per day. Prayers are the mostly unused weapons in every church's arsenal. They are not widely used in a systematic offensive against the kingdom of Satan.

Pastors say, "but it takes more than prayer. It takes the active intervention of the Holy Spirit." Indeed, it does. If Christians were praying the way I describe, then God would be fully responsible for the outcome. The problem is, Christians are not systematically praying for a sustained revival. God holds them responsible. They are not doing what they can do.

Pastors never mention this from the pulpit. They do not oversee programs to get their congregations praying systematically. Then they wonder why nothing seems to change in their congregations. Same old same old; and then they retire.

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