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Launching the "Sweet Hour of Prayer" Program

Gary North

Once the program is in place, it is time to promote it to the congregation.

The first step is to create a church channel on YouTube.

The second step is to create a series of 10-minute videos for the channel. The videos describe individuals' steps to implement the program.

This may take a new computer. The technology will keep improving. It's good enough today. To get started, click here:

The third step is to post these videos on the channel. They should be linked to each other. The channel has the instructions to do this.

The fourth step is to made a CD-ROM with these video presentations in an audio MP3 format.

The fifth step is to create a brochure describing the series. The brochure contains a link to the first video in the Sweet Hour of Prayer series.

The sixth step is to preach a month-long series on the Sweet Hour of Prayer program. Follow this guideline for each sermon:

1. Start with a text.
2. Stick to the text.
3. Get to the point.
4. Call them to commit.
5. Give them legitimate hope.

The sixth step is to have the greeters hand out the brochure and the CD-ROM before the first sermon. Offer both every week thereafter.

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