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A Free Study Guide to Henry Hazlitt's Failure of the "New Economics," the Classic Critique of Keynes' General Theory

Gary North
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March 16, 2010

Mart Grams has written a study guide to the best refutation of Keynes' General Theory ever written. It is posted here:


We could use a similar guide to other anti-Keynes books, such as Arthur Marget's Theory of Prices.

Hazlitt's book was published by a small publisher. He never went to college. The academic economists ignored it. Yet the basics are all here. Hazlitt was a clear writer.

He was not intimidated by Keynes. He knew the problem with the book, as he described it. Everything true in it was old, and everything new in it was false.

This study guide will help a student unfamiliar with The General Theory get through Hazlitt's book. Read the study guide first. Then read Hazlitt. Then read The General Theory. Then re-read Hazlitt. Then go on to the other critiques.

If you are good enough to write a study guide, write it. Then send it to the Mises Institute.

Then do the guide in 10-minute chapters on YouTube. Use a lapel microphone. Use PowerPoint. Spend $50 and download the version of Camtasia Studio for Power Point.

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