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Greenbacker Books

Gary North
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These books and pamphlets are a representative cross-section of the literature of Greenbackism. Some were published in Great Britain. I have not included Social Credit or Technocracy books, which hold a related view of fiat money. Omni Press has been the primary modern publisher. Many of its books were written in the 1930s. Another publisher was Meador. A third was Forum.

Brown, William. The Inherent Function of Money. Edinburgh: Oliver and Boyd, 1933

Cherip-Spiridovich, Count. The Secret World Government or "The Hidden Hand." New York: Anti-Bolshevist Pub. Assn., 1926

Coogan, Gertrude. Money Creators. Hawthorne, California: Omni, [1935] 1963.

____________. Lawful Money Explained. Hawthorne, California: Omni, [1939] 1975.

Colbourne, Maurice. Economic Nationalism. London: Figurehead, 1933.

Coughlin, Charles. Money! Questions and Answers. Royal Oak, Michigan: National Union for Social Justice, 1936.

________________, The New Deal in Money. Royal Oak, Michigan: Radio League of the Little Church of the Flower, 1933.

Emry, Sheldon. Billions for the Bankers, Debt for the People. Phoenix: America's Promise Radio, God's Covenant Church, [1967] 1979.

Fahay, Denis. Money Manipulation and Social Order. Hawthorne, California: Omni, [1944] 1986.

Field, A. N. All These Things. Hawthorne, California: Omni, [1936] 1963.

__________. The Truth About the Slump. Hawthorne, California: Omni, [1931] 1962.

Frazer, Felix J. and Morse, Elsa Peters. Tomorrow's Money. Hollywood, California: Anna T. Milburn Foundation, 1948.

Grem, June. The Money Manipulators. Oak Park, Illinois: Enterprise Pubs., 1971.

Haskins, Richard Kelly. War Cycles, Peace Cycles. Lynchburg, Virginia: Virginia Pub., Co., 1985.

Kenan, H. S. The Federal Reserve Bank. Ocala, Florida: H. S. Kenan, 1967.

Kitson, Arthur. The Bankers' Conspiracy! Hawthorne, California: Omni, [1933] 1967.

Knuppfer, George. The Struggle for World Power. London: Plain Speaker Pub., Co., 1971.

Lawson, Alfred. Direct Credits for Everybody. Detroit, Michigan: Humanity Benefactor, 1931.

McFadden, Louis T. Collective [sic] Speeches of Congressman Louis T. McFadden. Hawthorne, California: Omni, 1970.

McGeer, G. G. The Conquest of Poverty. Hawthorne, California: Omni, [1935] 1967.

Money Made Mysteriuos. American Mercury, 1958.

Norburn, Charles, M.D. Honest Money: The United States Note. Asheville, North Carolina: New Puritan Library, 1983.

__________, and Norburn, Russell. Mankind's Greatest Step: A New Monetary System. New York: Vanguard, 1971.

Slocomb, Whitney H. Mass Production and Money., 2 vols. Boston: Meador, 1959.

Search, R. E. Lincoln Money Martyred. Hawthorne, California: [1935] 1965.

Soddy, Frederick. Wealth, Virtual Wealth and Debt. Howthorne, Omni, [1933] 1961.

Strover, Carl. Monetary Progress. Chicago: American Money League, 1937.

___________. Monetary Reconstruction. Chicago: The Author, 1922.

Thoren, Theodore R. and Warner, Richard F. The Truth in Money Book. Chagrin Falls, Ohio: Truth in Money, 1980.

Vennard, Wycliffe B. Conquest or Consent. Boston: Forum, 1963.

Voorhis, Jerry. Beyond Victory. New York: Farrar & Rinehart, 1944.

_____________. Out of Debt, Out of Danger. New York: Devin-Adair, 1943.

Wilson, R. McNair. God and the Goldsmiths. Hawthorne, California: Omni, [1933] 1961.

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