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Historical Response #1: Ellen Brown Believes That Verifying the Accuracy of a Source Is Not Important.

Gary North
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Here is her first point in response to my criticism of a bogus quote from Sir Josiah Stamp. Here is my article:


Here is her response:


1. A bogus quote from Sir Josiah Stamp on the Bank of England

Here is what I wrote, giving an endnote for reference: "He is quoted as saying in a talk at the University of Texas in 1927: [etc.]" (p 2) He IS quoted as saying that, by many people. Google gives 68,000 results.

This is simply incredible. I proved that there is no evidence for the existence of her supposed speech by Stamp. I pointed to the Wikipedia entry on Stamp. Here, we learn this: "Said to be from an informal talk at the University of Texas in the 1920s, but as yet unverified." But this does not matter to Ellen Brown. What matters to her is that she quoted someone who had not verified it -- a 1995 article in an obscure magazine. What matters is that 68,000 Google hits posted by an innumerable army of crackpot Greenbackers quoted it.

This is not scholarship. This is putting the shuck on the rubes. Her readers are the rubes.

This woman is the Greenbackers' #1 scholar. The movement is intellectually defenseless.

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