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Effective Work Is Like Effective Sleep. Most Managers Ignore This.

Gary North
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April 5, 2011

Here is a 15-minute TED video that every manager on earth should not only view, he should implement its three recommendations. This won't happen, of course.

My original employer, Leonard E. Read, honored the third rule. This made the organization productive. It was non-profit.

My second employer also honored it: Lou Carabini. This was a profit-seeking firm. I worked on commission.

My third employer, R. J. Rushdoony, honored it.

My fourth, Ron Paul, honored it. That was Ron Paul. He did not manage at all. His was the only Congressional staff without an administrative assistant. We got a lot done, with no training from anyone.

My fifth was Howard Ruff. He honored it.

Then I went 100% on my own. I honored the rule when I was an employer.

In short, I have never worked full time for any organization that did not decentralize responsibility to its idea people. I have always been on my own to this extent.

Most companies do not honor this rule. This opens up opportunities for those few that do honor it.

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