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Before You Buy a Gold Coin, Consider These Questions

Gary North
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It is easy to buy gold coins. It is not easy to know why.

When you buy any investment, have an exit strategy in mind.

You should ask yourself these questions.

Under what conditions will I sell any coins?
Do I want to pass them along to my children?
Do I expect to sell them for currency?
Do I expect to sell them for digits in a bank account?
Is my primary goal economic survival?
Do I want gold for the era of price inflation?
Do I want gold coins to sell for digits to pay off my mortgage?
Do I want it for an era of price deflation?
Do I want coins for the far side of the crisis?
Do I want gold coins as a conventional investment?
Can I put gold coins in my pension fund?
Do I want to keep my pension fund?
Where can I buy gold coins?
Should I sell them at the same company?
In a gold panic, how will I get through on the phone?
Which size coins should I buy?

Do not buy just because you read somewhere that gold is a good idea. The question is: a good idea under which conditions?

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