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B&W Laser Printing for Under a Penny a Page

Gary North
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April 30, 2011

You can buy a very fast laser printer for about $100. This pricing is based on the pricing principle pioneered by Gillette razors: price the razor cheap; make your money on the blades.

I have shown how to cut the cost of razor blades. Now I will show you how to cut the costs of printing.

Do you need fast printing in large quantities? Probably not for your home printer. Eight pages per minute will do just fine.

This is why I use decade-old Hewlett Packard LaserJet 1100 printers. I own three of them, one for each computer. You can buy one for about $80, delivered. Be sure you get the cable. Sometimes, you get a full toner cartridge. That's a super bargain.

Non-HP toner cartridges can be purchased from many sellers. Here is a example:


With shipping, a cartridge costs about $20. It produces 2,500 pages. That is in the range of 0.8 cents per page. Compare this with 3 cents a page for the new printers.

There is a special cable required to hook up the LaserJet 1100 to a USB port: a 25-pin female adapter. They cost around $15 with shipping.

A site member added this about toner.

I do it a bit differently. I have old printers (a '90s vintage HP LJ5L and an '04 vintage Samsung SCX-4100 multi-function). I don't buy refurbished print cartridges because you never know how many times they've been re-filled and they do wear out. I refill the toner cartridges myself for about $11 per refill (good for about 2500 pages) and I buy new print cartridges for about $70 for the HP or $85 for the Samsung when they wear out after 4-5 refills. I only buy the genuine HP or Samsung cartridges. Doing it this way, I get 10,000-12,500 pages printed for between $0.00912 to $0.00103 per page on the HP and between $0.01032 and $0.0118 per page for the Samsung. All prices include shipping.

I buy my toner refills here: http://www.tonerkits.com/ I buy my new cartridges here: http://www.newegg.com

I've always had excellent service from both of those e-tailers.

Now, that's cheap!

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