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Genesis, Vol. 2 (Appendixes): Sovereignty and Dominion

Gary North
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This is the support volume for my economic commentary on Genesis.

Appendix A and Appendix C are two of the three most important academic articles I have ever written. The third, "The Epistemological Problem of Social Cost," I turned into a book: The Coase Theorem (1991). It appears in the first appendix volume for Exodus.

Appendix A is a critique of the most important sleight-of-mind, bait-and-switch scam in modern thought: Darwinism's "man, the unplanned speck" into "man, the planning god." It lies at the heart of modernity. Appendix C is a detailed study of the implications of the battle between Darwinism and Christianity. These two essays took me over 500 hours to write.

Appendix B, on F. A. Hayek, presents my critique of Hayek's epistemology. He was an evolutionist. He believed that there are no fixed standards: in ethics, epistemology, or social order. He was a true heir of 18th-century Scottish rationalism, as he proclaimed. It is a mistake to rest the case for liberty on Hayek's social philosophy.

I wrote most of this volume when I was in my mid-thirties.

Sovereignty and Dominion, Vol. 2
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