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David Rothkopf Videos: "Superclass"

Gary North
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Feb. 2, 2012

David Rothkopf is the author of Superclass. I strongly recommend the book. It is simply amazing.

But you may not have time to read it. So, you can watch a few videos.

Rothkopf is an engaging speaker. He gets his ideas across very well. You really should consider them.

Here is his presentation to the World Affairs Council of Northern California.

David Rothkopf: Influence of the World's Super-Rich from World Affairs Council: Nor Cal on FORA.tv

Next is his hour-long speech at Middlebury College, one of the most expensive schools in the world. It is one of the institutions that trains America's elite.

He also spoke at Stanford, another elite school. You cannot download one video, sadly. But the first one is crucial. It is five minutes long. It is the heart of the matter. Ignore it at your intellectual peril.

You can view the others here: http://ecorner.stanford.edu/authorMaterialInfo.html?mid=1972

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