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How Good or Bad Is the Economy? What Are the Experts Saying? Do They Know What They Are Talking About?

Gary North

The state of the economy, worldwide, is of great concern. The signs of recession are spreading. How long until it hits? How long will it last?

These questions relate to jobs, business profits, and the stock market. People's career prospects are on the line.

The experts disagree, as always. This much is clear: there were no warnings from any well-known economist in late 2007 that the American economy was threatened by a recession. Ben Bernanke denied it repeatedly. Yet it is obvious that something is seriously wrong with the financial sector of the economy. Real estate is in the worst recession since 1940.

I sounded the warning on the end of the real estate boom and the threat to the banks in November, 2005. What I thought would happen is now happening.

Here, you can stay informed regarding economic indicators and the state of the economy.

Rats Are Leaving the Sinking Yachts
Gary North - November 18, 2015
The warnings are all around us . . . at the top of Pareto's pyramid. keep reading

Santa and Recession
Gary North - November 17, 2015
A pattern is becoming visible. It is not optimistic. keep reading

The Decline Continues in the Region Where It Shouldn't
Gary North - November 17, 2015
This was not expected. There is now a clear pattern. keep reading

Recession Denial: Grabbing at Straws
Gary North - November 16, 2015
Blame global warming, not Federal Reserve policy. keep reading

Subprime, 2016
Gary North - November 16, 2015
There is always a trigger. This is likely. keep reading

Recession Indicator: Shipping
Gary North - November 14, 2015
This is a leading economic indicator. keep reading

Commercial Loans as Economic Indicators
Gary North - November 11, 2015
Commercial loans are up. Does this mean a recession is unlikely? Some people think so. What about you? keep reading

Why There Will Be No Collapse, Assuming Two Things
Gary North - November 09, 2015
The two things are long-shots. Literally. keep reading

The Financialization of the World's Economy . . . and the Bust
Gary North - October 30, 2015
What has gone up is going to come down . . . hard. keep reading

The Greater Fool Theory in the Corporate Bond Market
Gary North - October 26, 2015
The blind are leading the blind into the ditch. keep reading

A Warning About the Banks from a Senior Official
Gary North - October 23, 2015
These people guard their tongues. That's why this admission is scary. keep reading

Bonanza in the Next Recession
Gary North - October 23, 2015
Here is the case for patience. keep reading

The Strong Dollar and the Trade Deficit: Strange Evidence
Gary North - October 17, 2015
"Made in China" is increasing. "Made in the USA" isn't. keep reading

Walmart Is the Symbol of What Is Coming
Gary North - October 16, 2015
The experts are not going to sound a warning. The mainstream media regard this as a one-off event. It isn't. keep reading

The Latest Spam Offers in My Inbox Indicate a Recovery Top
Gary North - October 13, 2015
Maybe they are in yours, too. This is a bubble top indicator. keep reading

Minerals Prices in Free Fall: Bad News for Big Banks
Gary North - October 13, 2015
What's great for manufacturing is bad news for stupid bankers. keep reading

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