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How Good or Bad Is the Economy? What Are the Experts Saying? Do They Know What They Are Talking About?

Gary North

The state of the economy, worldwide, is of great concern. The signs of recession are spreading. How long until it hits? How long will it last?

These questions relate to jobs, business profits, and the stock market. People's career prospects are on the line.

The experts disagree, as always. This much is clear: there were no warnings from any well-known economist in late 2007 that the American economy was threatened by a recession. Ben Bernanke denied it repeatedly. Yet it is obvious that something is seriously wrong with the financial sector of the economy. Real estate is in the worst recession since 1940.

I sounded the warning on the end of the real estate boom and the threat to the banks in November, 2005. What I thought would happen is now happening.

Here, you can stay informed regarding economic indicators and the state of the economy.

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