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If lose your job, you will be in big trouble. Your job is your single most important investment, because it supplies most of your wealth.

This department begins with a premise: Nobody's job is safe.

Can your company do without you? Probably. The tighter the economy gets, the truer this will be.

Fact: Your company can do without you a lot easier than you can do without your company.

This department is dedicated to simple but practical strategies for reducing your risk of getting fired. What you read here will get you raises in good times. These are not good times. They are likely to get worse.

I discuss the number-one strategy to keep your job here.

The most valuable benefit of this site for someone whose job is at risk is the Q&A forum, Job, Calling, and Career. Here, you can discuss self-defense strategies and tactics.

Begin with this premise: "It could happen to me." Now take specific, systematic steps to see that it doesn't happen.

Anyone who spends time studying his investments should spend twice as much time figuring out ways to make his job fireproof.

If you make a mistake in your investments, it won't create an immediate major crisis in your life. If you get fired, you will be facing a major crisis.

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Alpha - May 04, 2015
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