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I'll Show You How to Convert Multiple On-Line Video Channels into 24x7 Profit Centers

Gary North

With YouTube, you can (and should) promote yourself, your business, and your blog site or Website.

You can (and should) should set up a YouTube channel, where all of your videos on a single topic can be accessed in the same location. If you want to know how to do this, I have created a department that takes you through the basics. It's free. It's here:


You can (and should) start more than one YouTube channel. Specialize. This will draw even greater traffic. Greater traffic can mean greater income, if you know what do do. Most people don't.

You can (and should) use other video hosting sites, such as Blip.tv, which at present is free for commercial videos. It doesn't post other people's ads on your videos, unlike YouTube. Read my brief review here. Here is a review of ten of them.

Use your channels to pull traffic to your Website, blogsite, or forum. Add a stock video file at the end of each video that tells them where they can find your blogsite or Website. Imitate me.

A high-quality channel will position you as an expert. This is important for keeping your job or getting a better job.

The quality of your channel depends far more on content than technology. With a camcorder with an external microphone jack and a lapel microphone like the $27 Radio Shack, you can create a YouTube channel for free in one day. If you use a free program like CamStudio, a screencast program, you don't even need a camcorder.

For more information on what screencasts are and how you can use them to grow your business or fireproof your job, click here.

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