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Education: From One-on-One, Pre-School Through College

Gary North

Parents have a huge responsibility: educating their own children. This department is aimed at parents who understand this and are ready to take full responsibility.

One size doesn't fit all. One educational strategy doesn't, either. Different students learn in different ways. Different parents have different skills. How does someone with your teaching skills deliver the goods to your own children with their skills?

This department deals with real-world solutions to this crucial problem -- a problem few parents think they are required to solve.

If you find ways to do this with numerous children, could you make a career of this? Salman Khan has: www.KhanAcademy.org. This department also covers this possibility. If something is worth doing well, maybe it's worth doing for money.

Pareto and Careers
Gary North - July 30, 2015
The old curve is tightening. keep reading

Liberal Arts on Campus: Poor Educations, High Taxes
Gary North - July 28, 2015
It never ceases to amaze me. keep reading

Homeschooling Paradise
Gary North - July 23, 2015
Which state has the fewest restrictions? I have located it. keep reading

Lesson 1, Business I: Ron Paul Curriculum
Gary North - July 21, 2015
What if you had taken this course when you were 13? Would your net worth be different? keep reading

The Astronomical Cost of "Free" TV
Gary North - July 18, 2015
You have never run the numbers. Here, I show you (and your kids) how to do it. keep reading

S-1177: The Next Upward Ratchet in Federal Control Over Education
Gary North - July 16, 2015
It will probably pass this week. keep reading

How You Can Be Elected to the School Board in the Next Recession: Cut School Expenses by 50%
Gary North - July 07, 2015
Use this strategy to cut property taxes in the next recession. keep reading

Marva Collins, RIP
Gary North - July 04, 2015
She showed that ghetto children could perform at high academic levels. keep reading

Teaching Business Skills to High School Freshmen
Gary North - July 02, 2015
"Make money, not love." This is a good message for teenagers. keep reading

Create a Video Course to Build Your Reputation
Gary North - June 25, 2015
I suggest three topics. keep reading

Moore's Law vs. the Public Schools
Gary North - June 22, 2015
Resistance is futile. keep reading

Rules of Success to Adopt by Age 13
Gary North - June 20, 2015
Try this at home. Then leave home. keep reading

Why Ivy League Universities Are Doomed
Gary North - June 17, 2015
Have you thought about this? Has the Harvard faculty? keep reading

How Parents Should Deal With School Bullying
Gary North - June 17, 2015
This should be obvious. It isn't. keep reading

The Utter Futility of Turnitin's Essay Grading Widget
Gary North - June 11, 2015
There is always another program to make public school classroom teaching easier and better. They don't work. keep reading

Short Memories and Politics
Gary North - June 05, 2015
You are living proof that national politics matters only marginally. keep reading

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