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Gary North

I'm Gary North, and I'll be your server today . . . and tomorrow and the next day, too, I hope. I cover Tea Party economics.

I write here. I also write for my free daily site, www.TeaPartyEconomist.com. I hope you will visit both. (There, you can get my free special report on Winning the Gold War: see the offer on the site's masthead.)

I offer no-holds-barred assessments of the capital markets on a daily basis. I have been doing this full time ever since 1974, when I started my newsletter, Remnant Review. Ron Paul was one of my subscribers. He hired me as his staff economist in 1976. Had he not been defeated by 268 votes out of 180,000 in November, I might still be in Washington. Thankfully from my viewpoint, he lost.

If you want to understand my politics, listen to Ron Paul. If you want my view of the Federal Reserve, read Ron Paul's book, End the Fed. If you want my view of what's coming, read me.

My first vote as an adult was for Goldwater in 1963. I have been in the conservative movement since 1956.

How conservative am I? Consider this. I voted against Ronald Reagan in the 1966 Republican primary for Governor because I thought he was too liberal. I hope I'm not too hard core for you, but I'm too old to change.

Here is what we are facing. As the economic crises become more frequent, and the American economy fails to recover, a growing number of angry voters have begun to figure out that the political system is rigged. I figured it out in 1956. I have not been disappointed.

We are going to win this political war. The Establishment has bet everything on the Federal Reserve, endless federal debt, and its control of the mainstream media. The third is losing influence, the second is out of control, and the first is barely able to hold the economy together.

I hope you will appreciate what you read here. It's free.

(I do answer questions, but only on this site's forums. You must join to access the forums. A list of them is on the right-hand side of this page.)

Osama and Me: Comments on the Leaked Reading List
Gary North - May 22, 2015
An author never knows who will read his stuff. keep reading

Freedom Fest: Krugman vs. Moore
Gary North - May 20, 2015
This should be good. There are lots of other speeches worth hearing. keep reading

Progress Makes Genius Routine
Gary North - May 16, 2015
No matter how good you are, the average practitioner will be better in 20 years. keep reading

Guy Carawan, R.I.P.
Gary North - May 09, 2015
I knew him, way back when. I liked his music, not his politics. keep reading

If You Have a Stroke, Have Your Instructions Written Out Beforehand
Gary North - May 06, 2015
What if you could not move or speak? What then? keep reading

Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Up, Up, and Away!
Gary North - May 06, 2015
The utter impotence of the global warming/"climate change" agenda is seen in three graphs. keep reading

The New York Times: Pink Politics and Red Ink
Gary North - May 02, 2015
The "good, gray lady" is not able to cope with the digital age. keep reading

White Culture Shock in 1960: The Abyssinian Baptist Gospel Choir of Newark, New Jersey
Gary North - May 02, 2015
I had never heard anything like this in 1960. I have never heard anything like it since. keep reading

Less Bang for the Federal Buck: Literally
Gary North - May 01, 2015
More money on national defense has produced two lost wars. keep reading

Gmail Privacy: How to Sign In and Sign Out
Gary North - April 25, 2015
Please take my advice on this. keep reading

Earth Day: 45 Years of Futility
Gary North - April 22, 2015
Futility does not bother the Left. It never has. They live on it. keep reading

Christian Economics: A Free Department
Gary North - April 11, 2015
I have posted my books on this subject. Download them for free. keep reading

Right to Work vs. Right to Bid
Gary North - April 10, 2015
The two concepts are linked. keep reading

"Boondoggles R Us" -- China's Asian Infrastructure Development Bank
Gary North - April 07, 2015
This is bigger and dumber than the IMF and World Bank, combined. keep reading

Climate Change, 9/11/72: "That's The Way It Is."
Gary North - April 04, 2015
O, woe! It's the end of the world. Again. keep reading

Gallup Poll: "What, Me Worry?" Not About Global Warming.
Gary North - April 01, 2015
This is not an April Fool's story. keep reading

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