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Make Sure Your Money Goes Where You Want It to Go, for Projects You Believe In

Gary North

You don't want to fund the government more than the law requires. You also don't want to ruin a child with money that he or she can't handle. Then there is the problem of your children's spouses. What if they get in control of the inheritance?

Finally, you don't want to run out of money before you run out of time.

This department gives suggestions on how you can avoid the pitfalls and also achieve your goals. It's your money. Don't waste it.

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Should You Set Up an Education Trust Fund for Your Grandchildren? Not a Regular One.
Gary North - November 13, 2015
Don't wimp out. Kids have no sense about college. Their parents are wimps. Here is the rule: "Do no harm". keep reading

Dirt-Cheap Funerals
Gary North - October 02, 2015
Your heirs will thank you when they spend your money. keep reading

Dealing with the Freeloader Mentality
Gary North - September 16, 2015
Is it in your family? keep reading

How to Help Widows Who Refuse to Ask for Help Until It's Too Late
Gary North - May 12, 2015
A site member has a solution. But can he sell it to those who need it? keep reading

Top Priority: Your Children's Education vs. Your Portfolio
Gary North - March 11, 2015
Does your child's education really matter that much to you? How would you prove this to a stranger? keep reading

The Web and Your Legacy
Gary North - March 10, 2015
If you neglect this, you are making a mistake. keep reading

My Proposed Speech at Davos, 2016
Gary North - January 28, 2015
Will I be invited? Probably not. keep reading

Securing a Long-Term Inheritance
Gary North - January 06, 2015
Start with your net worth. Work from there. keep reading

How Should Rich Christians Handle Inheritance?
Gary North - December 31, 2014
There aren't many of them, and they are rarely good givers. They are easily snookered by salesmen. keep reading

Medical Expenses in Your Last 12 Months of Life
Gary North - December 16, 2014
This is where your money disappears. keep reading

An Insurance Solution to Long-Term Old Age Care
Gary North - November 17, 2014
Your insurance agent will not mention this. keep reading

Screening Your Heirs
Gary North - October 31, 2014
Challenge and response: this process determines winners and losers. This applies to individuals and civilizations. keep reading

Rags to Riches to Rags in Three Generations
Gary North - October 30, 2014
Is this inevitable? If not, what can you do about it? keep reading

Getting Through the Five Stages of Grief
Gary North - October 17, 2014
Do it early. keep reading

The Book of Ruth: A Study in Adoption
Gary North - September 29, 2014
For anyone who has ever adopted, been adopted, or is considering adoption, this Bible study will clarify the issues. keep reading

A Rich Man and His Money
Gary North - September 23, 2014
Some things should be obvious. They aren't. keep reading

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