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"Nothing Good Happens Until There's a Sale." This Department Shows You How to Get Sales.

Gary North

Here are 115 low-cost, high-profit, practical case studies in marketing. These are great models to copy for any business, but especially a small business or a home business.

Put these reports to use with my free report, Gary North's Tip of the Week. Use the subscription box on the right-hand side of this page.

These strategies are real-world applications by students of marketing master Jay Abraham. If you think, "Who is Jay Abraham?" you should use Google and search for "Jay Abraham." (Maybe you already did, and you found this page.)

If you own a small business or a home-based business, there is more money to be made right here than in any other site on the web. There is more money-making real-world information on how to make your marketing pay off than in anything else you will stumble into this year. You have hit the mother lode.

Jay Abraham's friend and sometimes colleague Mac Ross says it best: "If you build a better mousetrap and neglect marketing, you'll die alone and broke with a garage full of mousetraps."

Nothing sells itself. To sell anything, including yourself, you must identify the potential buyers and then create powerful reasons to buy in order to motivate them. You must have an overall marketing strategy. It must be based on a handful of proven general principles.

You must also have a real-world understanding of marketing based on case studies, so that you can apply the principles in your particular situations.

This department will help you in every aspect of marketing: how to identify new markets, promote your product, and deliver it effectively. None of this is intuitive. All of it can be learned.

This is a mini-course in real-world applications. These are actual cases of business solutions, mostly small businesses, but not all. There are 115 case studies. Print them out. Mark them up. Spend time thinking about them. Think about how you could apply these lessons to your business, even if you don't have a business . . . yet. You will gain an understanding of the basics of marketing.

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Why You Should Pay Attention to One of My Loudest Critics on the Left
Gary North
Truth can come from many sides. Accuracy is the issue, not ideology. keep reading

Jay Abraham's Introductory Guide to Marketing: A Step-by-Step Beginner's Guide to Positive Cash Flow
Gary North
This is where I recommend that you begin. When you have read this, you are ready to maximize the value of my department, Marketing Case Studies. keep reading

#1: Making Money from an In-House Mailing List
Gary North
If you don't have an in-house mailing list, a lot of money is falling through your fingers. keep reading

#2: Don't Ignore Your Former Customers.
Gary North
Your customer data base is a gold mine. You should be actively mining it. If you don't have a customer data base, start building it now. keep reading

#3: Follow Up on Your Initial Contact. Rarely Will One Contact Sell an Item.
Gary North
Follow-up is neglected by most low-ticket businesses. It seems like too much trouble. This is a mistake in most cases. keep reading

#4: Give Customers a Reason to Buy Now.
Gary North
Customers want to hang onto their money. A better deal may come along soon. Your job is to offer them a deal so good right now that they will buy right now. keep reading

#5: Without Back End Sales, Your Business Is Not Maximizing Revenues.
Gary North
Every business needs three things: (1) a way to get its message to buyers; (2) a profitable product to sell; (3) back-end sales items. keep reading

#6: Your Business Should Be a Referrals-Based Business.
Gary North
This is one of the continuing themes in the Jay Abraham Case Studies. The business owners testify to the power of referrals. keep reading

#7: Adopt Specific, Realistic, and Measurable Goals.
Gary North
This strategy was implemented by an employee of a pub in Holland. Why can't you implement it, too? keep reading

#8: Target the Ideal Customer Before You Create Your Next Ad.
Gary North
A common mistake is to advertise in such a way that you attract customers who cause you grief or who don't spend enough. Don't. keep reading

#9: Paying for Referrals as a Recruiting Tool for Retailers
Gary North
A referral used to recruit business operators is different from a referral from a customer. You had better pay for the referral. keep reading

#10: Save People Time. The Ones With More Money Than Time Will Buy.
Gary North
I would rather save time than money. The more time-heavy my investment is, the more ready I am to pay a premium for service. keep reading

#11: Implementing Jay Abraham's Principle of Risk-Reversal
Gary North
"Let the buyer beware!" This is good advice to buyers, but lousy advice to sellers. The correct principle for sellers is "Let the seller beware." keep reading

#12: Re-position Your Company When You Can Tap into a More Profitable Market.
Gary North
Few things are more difficult and dangerous than re-positioning a product, let alone a company. But sometimes it pays off. Here is such a case. keep reading

#13: Estimating and Then Implementing the Lifetime Value of the Customer
If you don't know the lifetime net value of the typical custimer, you will not know how much to spend to get that first sale. keep reading

#14: The Sales Power of the Selectively Positioned Discount
Gary North
There are times to offer a discount. But it must not be offered in such a way that it reduces the buyer's perception of true value. keep reading

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