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Gold and Silver Coins Should Be Part of Your Investment Portfolio for Emergencies.

Gary North

Gold and silver are under rival pressures: negative (recession) and positive (Federal Reserve inflation). Both are powerful forces.

The banking crisis has forced the Federal Reserve to increase money dramatically. This may be a short-term emergency response, or it may be a trend. Follow this in my free department, Federal Reserve Charts.

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The Latest Installment of a 50-Year Myth: A Silver Shortage
Gary North - November 21, 2015
There's a sucker born every minute. There is a press release to con him. keep reading

Sucker Bait: Another Self-Appointed Silver Guru Puts the Shuck on the Rubes
Gary North - October 28, 2015
He adds economic nonsense to analytical and historical nonsense in order to fool the suckers. Buyers beware! keep reading

Strategies for Silver: Now and in the Coming Recession
Gary North - October 24, 2015
Silver is more volatile than gold. Never forget this. keep reading

Free Gold Storage and Other Delusions
Gary North - September 22, 2015
Where does the yellow brick road lead to? keep reading

Gold and Procrastination
Gary North - September 11, 2015
It is widespread. It always is. keep reading

Is There a Silver Shortage?
Gary North - September 09, 2015
Once again, the headlines say there is a silver shortage. keep reading

Why the Gold Standard Would Smash American Exports
Gary North - August 20, 2015
This would be a very good thing. keep reading

Silver at $1,000, Says Forecaster on a Conventional Site
Gary North - August 06, 2015
This caught my attention. keep reading

Hazlitt on the Gold Standard
Gary North - July 22, 2015
He was good when he wrote on this, but that was way too late. keep reading

Gold Bug Economics: Bad Theory, Bad History, and Stupid Politics
Gary North - July 22, 2015
I believe in owning gold, but not for stupid reasons. keep reading

China's Gold Holdings. Is This Figure for Real?
Gary North - July 20, 2015
I hope it is. keep reading

Do Gold and the U.S. Stock Market Move Inversely?
Gary North - June 12, 2015
Some things take two minutes to check. Spend two minutes. keep reading

The Federal Reserve, Interest Rates, and Gold
Gary North - May 27, 2015
There is confusion about this. Do not make this mistake. keep reading

"Gold Motel" -- Gold Goes In; None Comes Out
Gary North - May 26, 2015
Unlike central bank gold, which is "leased out" -- sold forever -- this gold is not leased out. keep reading

Gold Is Back Up to $1200
Gary North - March 27, 2015
The last time I wrote about this, it was at $1150. That is why I wrote about it. keep reading

The Logic of Gold and Anti-Gold Investing
Gary North - March 17, 2015
You need to understand both. Few people do. keep reading

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