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Bought Right, Income-Producing Single-Family Homes Provide Capital Gains, Low Taxes, and Long-Term Income.

John Schaub

From Gary North: Jack Miller says, "The best way to become a millionaire is to borrow a million dollars and have your renters pay it off."

His former partner, John Schaub, has taken a similar approach. The Miller-Schaub course, begun in the 1970s, taught thousands of people how to buy and sell real estate. One of their graduates is Robert Allen, who became famous with a series of books on the subject.

Here and in the Real Estate Q&A Forum, John Schaub takes you through the basics. As he says, you make your profit when you buy the house. Buy smart.

Here's the place to begin: www.johnschaub.com

For more information on the details of his posted articles, read his new book, Building Wealth One House at a Time, available at www.johnschaub.com or in bookstores.

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