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A Safe Place Is Usually A Cheaper Place. I'll Show You Some Choice Ones.

Gary North

Maybe you're looking for a safe place to retire. Maybe you're looking for a safe place to raise a family. You have come to the right place. I'll identify some of the best places to live in America . . . and some little-known retirement locations outside the USA.

But maybe it's something more pressing. Maybe it's the scenario in the final three pages of Col. Thomas Hammes' 2007 article in Military Review. If you have not read it, click here.

There are safe places to live that offer a better lifestyle than you have today. Most of them have a lower cost of living than the less safe places where most Americans live. I'll help you identify them. This site also shows you how to make a living in them.

"Follow your dream." Most people never do. They want to. They say they will . . . eventually. Maybe when the kids are grown up. Maybe during the "golden years" of retirement. The next thing they know, the kids, now fully grown, have put them into an assisted care living center.

Plans don't take care of themselves. People must actively formulate them. Then they must implement them. Implementing plans imposes costs: in money, in time, and in self-discipline. That's why most people drift through life. They don't know how to plan. They don't have the self-discipline to budget their money or their time.

If you have dreamed about a more leisurely lifestyle in a less crowded location, I suggest that you begin making plans now. One aspect of your plans may involve re-location. I provide facts about safe places. The rest is up to you.

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