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If You've Got Something Practical to Share, I'll Publish It on This Site. If. . . .

Gary North

Maybe you've dreamed of getting published. Maybe you want a forum to say your piece. Maybe you just want practice. I'm here to help.

I'm always looking for a Tip of the Week. Do you have a tip? Anything practical is eligible.

I am also in the market for practical articles, 400 to 600 words long, on any of the topics in the FOR MEMBERS ONLY category.

Is there a website that consistently offers terrific discounts? Write it up.

Have you found a great place to live? Write it up.

You won't get famous, but you'll get practice. Start small. Start with something you know about.

Do you have a tool that has helped you? Tell us about it and why it helped.

Do you have a skill that has helped your career? Tell us about it: how you got it, developed it, profited from it.

Every new author has to start somewhere. Start here.

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