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Here is what I think is most important today. This may change before the day ends.

Here, I cover anything that I find interesting. I find lots of things interesting. Maybe one report may not interest you. Read the brief introduction to find out. If you want more information, click the link.

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Alternatives to the Power Grid Are Coming.
Gary North - July 22, 2014
I don't mean solar power. . . . keep reading
Local Police Are No Longer Legally Required to Protect Citizens
Gary North - July 21, 2014
The phrase "preserver and protect" is not legally enforceable in the courts. . . . keep reading
Who Really Wrote "I, Pencil"?
Gary North - July 19, 2014
I know who didn't write it. . . . keep reading
Obama Has Left the Building.
Gary North - July 18, 2014
Who's in charge here? . . . keep reading
Why Rich Right-Wingers Pour Money Down Rat Holes
Gary North - July 17, 2014
Here is a recent example. . . . keep reading
The New Status Quo in American Politics
Gary North - July 17, 2014
If Hillary loses, who will lead the Democrats? . . . keep reading
Disaster: Mitigated or Unmitigated?
Gary North - July 14, 2014
Call this 2020 foresight. . . . keep reading
The Bigger They Are, the Harder They Fall . . . When the Fiat Money Ends
Gary North - July 11, 2014
What went up will come down. . . . keep reading
The Reece Committee and Its Legacy
Gary North - July 09, 2014
You can't beat something with nothing. . . . keep reading
"What If" History: The Age of Revolutions
Gary North - July 08, 2014
What if a bullet had killed George Washington? . . . keep reading
10,000 Hours to Virtuosity
Gary North - July 08, 2014
What does it take to be a virtuoso? . . . keep reading
July 4th Celebrations in Your Town
Gary North - July 04, 2014
Let us know in the general Q&A forum. . . . keep reading
Dare to Be a Gossen!
Gary North - July 04, 2014
Better Gossen than Marx. . . . keep reading
Don't Worry About a Communist Revolution.
Gary North - July 02, 2014
A recent article on Zero Hedge predicts communist revolution. It is nonsense. It mistakes Keynesianism for communism. It mistakes welfare recipients for revolutionaries. . . . keep reading
The Politics of Hope Seems Hopeless.
Gary North - July 02, 2014
Will anyone campaign in 2016 on this? "The politics of gridlock." Yet that is most people's best hope. . . . keep reading
Austrian School Economics: Divisions Inside the Camp
Gary North - July 02, 2014
There has never been unity. . . . keep reading
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