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Here is what I think is most important today. This may change before the day ends.

Here, I cover anything that I find interesting. I find lots of things interesting. Maybe one report may not interest you. Read the brief introduction to find out. If you want more information, click the link.

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Would You Register with the Feds if You Were an Illegal Alien?
Gary North - November 24, 2014
You live in the shadows. Would you prefer the sunshine of registration? . . . keep reading
Cell Phone Camera Tip for the Holidays
Gary North - November 24, 2014
The holidays are coming. Don't make this common mistake. . . . keep reading
Another Defeat for the New World Order
Gary North - November 22, 2014
This was not supposed to happen. . . . keep reading
Finger in the Wind vs. Seize the Day: Amnesty Annulled
Gary North - November 22, 2014
Politicians are rarely entrepreneurial. They do not lead. . . . keep reading
The Non-Profit Mindset: 25 Minutes to Get $25,000 Are Just Too Much to Ask.
Gary North - November 21, 2014
This is the curse of non-profit status. . . . keep reading
Bill Cosby and Clarence Thomas: Rival Defense Strategies
Gary North - November 21, 2014
When "he said, she said" becomes "they say, he says," the prosecution rests. . . . keep reading
Amazon Is Implementing Sam Walton's Original Strategy
Gary North - November 20, 2014
Walmart crushed the competition. Now Amazon is squeezing Walmart. . . . keep reading
On Asking for Free Advice
Gary North - November 17, 2014
I had to ask for advice recently. Here's why. Here's how. . . . keep reading
The Rich and the Poor Are Working Out Free Market Deals
Gary North - November 17, 2014
Do they bother you? . . . keep reading
Obama Is Sandbagging Hillary Clinton
Gary North - November 15, 2014
This is a sight to see. I don't recall anything like it. . . . keep reading
Union Control of Chicago's City Government
Gary North - November 14, 2014
You have to see it to believe it. . . . keep reading
How Stupid Are the Voters?
Gary North - November 14, 2014
They are smart enough not to trust Congress. . . . keep reading
Pelosi: She Believes Her Own Spin
Gary North - November 13, 2014
The woman is over the top and around the bend. . . . keep reading
The Virginia Senate Race
Gary North - November 11, 2014
The Republican lost. What was significant is why he lost. . . . keep reading
How Secure Is the American Way of Life?
Gary North - November 11, 2014
First, we must define the American way of life. . . . keep reading
SARS Was a Media Event. SAR Isn't. Don't Let the Cops Enter Your House.
Gary North - November 08, 2014
Do you remember SARS? It was a potential pandemic. It died out. SAR is also a pandemic. It is spreading. . . . keep reading
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