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Gary North

Blogging is a communications revolution. It is holding mainstream media's feet to the fire.

Over 50 million new websites are created every year. Any businessman who ignores this is whistling past the graveyard -- or the bank.

Blogs are great training in how to write, how to meet a deadline, and how to satisfy readers . . . who may become customers.

A good blog site will attract readers. Put it on your business card. Put it in your Yellow Pages ad.

At some point, you can create your own web domain/site and transfer your existing blog to it.

This site will get you started: http://www.howtomakemyblog.com.

If you have a success, write it up and I'll post it or link to it.

If you hit a brick wall and then overcome it, post the story. I'll link to it.

If you find a good model of a high-information site, let me know.

If you find a better blogging tool, let me know.

Please don't sit on the sidelines.

Note: If you start a commercial blog, don't forget to add a Privacy Policy section and a Terms of Use section. Copy these from any website. Modify them for your use. Then post links to them from your home page. Be sure the links are visible. The Federal Trade Commission requires this.
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