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Colleges Will Ream You If You Let Them. Don't Let Them.

Gary North, Ph.D.

When I wrote this manual, Ihad high hopes that parents would buy into its thesis. They didn't.

Today, the story is still correct, but the details have changed.

Today, a student can get the training needed to pass CLEP exams. When I wrote it, I had not met Bradley Fish, Jr. He was a freshman in high school. Independent of my manual, he began the program I recommend. In the month that he turned 18, he was awarded a bachelor's degree from an accredited college. He had spent four years part-time and under $11,000.

I met him that year. He and I put together a program for passing CLEP exams: "Beat the CLEP." It is aimed at high school students.

Then I was hired by Ron Paul to put together the Ron Paul Curriculum. I decided to launch "Beat the CLEP" on the Ron Paul Curriculum site.

I also decided to give away a revised version of America's Lowest Cost Colleges to every family that joins the Ron Paul Curriculum. I want families to beat the collegiate system. This involves beating the CLEPs.

My view is simple: If Ron Paul can save families $40,000 to $250,000 per child in college fees, they may pay $500 a year, plus $250 "Beat the CLEP" courses. If a graduate of the Ron Paul Curriculum does what Bradley Fish did, the student will pay for his college by working part time, and his family will pay about $3,000 for the Ron Paul Curriculum's total package: access to tutorial forums, all of the standard courses, and all of the "Beat the CLEP" courses.

Is that a good deal for a family? You bet it is.

So, if your child or grandchild is headed for college, do it my way. Don't go. Just graduate with a diploma. Bradley Fish, Jr. will show you how.