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Sustained Revival continued

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Beating the State: Third Century Christianity in the Third World Today
Gary North
So far, it's working. The bureaucrats don't know what to do . . . keep reading

Exponential Revival: Facebook as the Model
Gary North
There are two models for a sustained Christian revival: linear and exponential. I recommend exponential. . . . keep reading

Members' Resitance to Revival
Gary North
Members ask: "What's in it for me?" Not much initially. . . . keep reading

Pastors' Resistance to Revival
Gary North
The pastor asks: "What's in it for me?" Not much initially. . . . keep reading

Identifying Your Church's Unique Service Proposition
Gary North
What is your church uniquely gifted to do? Do more of it. . . . keep reading

The Visitors' Information Packet
Gary North
Every church needs a packet of materials for each visiting family. . . . keep reading

The Visitors' Photo
Gary North
People want others to remember their names. This is a way to see that this takes place. . . . keep reading

The Casserole Strategy of Family Evangelism
Gary North
Sharing a meal means sharing personal concern, which is basic to successful evangelism. . . . keep reading

Zip Code Prayer
Gary North
Prayers should be specific. They should be aimed at changing life in your zip code. . . . keep reading

Christian Truckers: The Largest Group of Christians With Jobs That Allow Time to Pray
Gary North
Hardly anyone pays attention to America's truckers. This is a big mistake. . . . keep reading

Launching the "Sweet Hour of Prayer" Program
Gary North
Each pastor must take the lead. YouTube is the obvious tool. . . . keep reading

The Importance of Pastoral Leadership for This Program
Gary North
Laymen must provide the prayers. Pastors must provide the leadership. But will they? What's in it for them? . . . keep reading

What You Need to Get Started Making On-Line Videos, Cheap
Gary North
The hardware is not too expensive. The software is free. . . . keep reading

Sustained Prayer for Sustained Prayer
Gary North
Prayer needs back-up, as any program of evangelism does. . . . keep reading

The Prayer Program: Start Small, Work Up to a Larger Commitment
Gary North
Prayer life is like lifting weights. Heavy lifting comes later. . . . keep reading

Displaying Matches 1 thru 16 of 22 Found  NEXT

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